Secondary Deals: Is the whole always greater than the sum of the parts?

Secondary portfolios are trending towards majority or single buyer sales, but sellers may be missing out on optimizing pricing Billion dollar transactions are becoming more commonplace in the secondary market, with sellers shopping around record-breaking portfolios as of late. Secondary funds are raising record amounts of capital, just note the surge of mega-funds in the… Read more

Placing your bets on a young buck: why it pays to invest in emerging managers

We’ve said it before and so have countless other reports in the industry, emerging managers, officially classified as first and second-time funds, outperform time and time again. However, the negative perception of these managers still weighs heavily on their backs, impeding their access to capital distributions from large investors, namely institutional investors. The idea behind… Read more

German Q&A: Christian Czernich, CEO, Founder und Managing Partner bei Round2 Capital Partners

Christian Czernich ist CEO, Founder und Managing Partner bei Round2 Capital Partners. Im Gespräch mit Palico haben wir uns über das Revenue-based Financing ausgetauscht und diskutiert inwieweit dieses eine Antwort auf die gegenwärtigen Herausforderungen für junge Tech-Unternehmen bieten kann. Christian Czernich CEO, Founder und Managing Partner bei Round2 Capital Partners Die Industrie 4.0 und der… Read more

Will 2019 be the Year of Politically Motivated Secondary Sales?

Volume in the secondary market for closed private equity funds soared last year as much as 47 percent with record annual aggregate value estimates in this opaque market ranging from $70 to $80 billion according to various sources. Given historically attractive pricing for sellers and the unprecedented sums earmarked for secondary purchases, record volume makes… Read more

PE Secondaries: Liquidity! Liquidity! Liquidity!

Liquidity may have been hard to come by for PE investors in the 90s, but almost thirty years down the road it has become a demand. Regardless of the numerous reasons LPs have cited for selling their stakes, one thing is clear, they are less eager to wait for returns. So one can ask: are… Read more

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