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10,000 and Counting

Mar 9, 2015 6:11:24 PM

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Palico, the first global online marketplace for private equity fundraising, passed a major milestone this month, signing its 10,000th member. It also added a People Screener to help navigate the growing community.

March 9, 2015 – Palico’s growth is accelerating, with membership soaring 43 percent in just three months. Member-sponsored investments on Palico have risen 122 percent in the past year to 856 primary fundraisings and co-investments. Over the same period, members have listed 573 older private equity funds that they want to buy in the secondary fund market.

“Critical to Palico’s appeal is that it permits fund managers and qualified, accredited investors to engage in direct dialogue on a wide range of global and sectoral private equity investment opportunities,” says Palico founder and chief executive Antoine Drean. “Our constantly expanding range of features also make Palico a fantastic source not just for investment opportunities and contacts, but for data, news and commercial opportunities.”

Members representing over 2,200 investment organizations, as well as a broad cross-section of service providers, are drawn to Palico’s data-rich marketplace by the promise of unrestricted engagement while remaining in compliance with general solicitation rules - crucial for fund managers and investors.

To help limited partners, general partners and service providers navigate Palico’s growing community, a new people screener was launched this month. The Palico People Screener permits members to filter their peers by LP, GP or service provider role; accredited investor status; personal investment interests; geography and keyword. It complements Palico’s existing GP and Fund Screeners.

Whether you’re a general partner or limited partner qualified to access investment information, or a service provider member of the wider platform, Palico aims to create a superior online venue for discovery and engagement in a complex private equity world. It doesn’t replace the human contact that’s so essential to successful PE partnerships, but it makes those contacts more fruitful through the sharing of normally restricted information and the ability to immediately engage in compliant, web-based conversations.



Palico is the first global online marketplace for the private equity community. Launched in 2012, over 10,000 professionals representing Limited Partners, General Partners, and Service Providers in over 70 countries have joined Palico. LPs and GPs discover investment opportunities and engage each other in a secure environment where accredited investors can efficiently exchange restricted information before deciding whether to take the conversation further. All members have access to Palico’s growing assortment of PE tools for building their networks, refining investment hypotheses, analyzing opportunities, and finding new leads. These include a GP Screener, a Fund Screener, a People Screener, Fund Performance Data, a personalized PE news service, and the companion Palico News app. Membership to Palico is free. PE professionals can join at


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