Palico in Focus – Find the Right Partner via Performance Benchmarking

There are over 20,000 private equity funds and co-investments listed on Palico’s marketplace. They cover 14 strategies and invest in every region of the globe. To help investors connect with the right manager and to help the latter stand out, thousands of these funds come with performance data and benchmarking. In addition to fund appreciation, investors can analyze the amount of capital invested to date, how much capital has been distributed from exited investments and the value of unrealized investments. With a click, PE portfolios can be benchmarked to vehicles of similar vintage, fund size, strategic focus and geography.

Flexible, Transparent Benchmarks That Can be Customized

The benchmarks are easily customized and they are transparent, showing a list of all the funds that compose them. You can compare the fund that you are looking at to vintages, geographies and fund sizes of your choosing. You can further mix and match by selecting among 22 different industry focuses ranging from business services to oil & gas.

Finding a More Complete Universe of Funds Through Benchmarks

You can dive deeper by examining individual funds within any given benchmark. Palico benchmarks can sort components by relevance (based on most similar strategy match) and by appreciation. In the latter case, results can be sorted by either net multiple or by net annual rate of return.

Benchmarking is Just One Palico Service

Performance data and benchmarking are available to premium members. But Palico’s basic, free membership for limited partners, general partners and service providers offers at least limited access to Palico’s highly regarded news service, as well as to its fund and membership screeners, and its member messaging service. Whether it’s via desktop, smartphone or tablet, Palico’s marketplace helps LPs, GPs and SPs find each other in the complex world of private equity.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

  • 4,000+ LP, GP firms and placement agents from 100+ jurisdictions
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