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Palico in Focus – Top 10 Funds, GPs, and LPs Revealed

Mar 23, 2016, 9:49:30 AM

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With the launch of Trending on Palico, you can now start right at the top when you explore the Palico Marketplace. Based on profile views, contacts or data room requests, Trending shows the Top 10 fundraisings, co-investments, managers, investors and service providers on Palico over the previous 30 days. For fundraisings and co-investments, the Top 10 are based on the interest generated among Palico’s 2,357 accredited LP members – that’s more PE investors than can be found in any other venue in the world.

Top 10 Fundraisings by LP Data Room Access Requests

  1. Brode Capital Fund
  2. Lion Capital Fund IV
  3. CIC Mezzanine IV
  4. Expon I
  5. Balmoral Wood Commercial Advocate Fund I
  6. IIFL Opportunities Fund
  7. Venture Club Fund I
  8. RDCP Healthcare Opportunities Fund I
  9. Star America Infrastructure
  10. Serra Capital III

Source: Palico

Top Ten Trending Lists Can be Customized By Region, Specialty and Category

For the 2,779 fundraisings and co-investment vehicles listed in Palico’s marketplace, and the 9,368 GP firms profiled on Palico, Top 10 Trending lists are available for 14 different investment strategies and six major regions. For the 1,613 LP firms profiled on Palico, there are Top 10 lists for 10 different categories, ranging from broad, multi-class asset managers, to pension funds, to registered investment advisers. Trending also shows the top service providers in 16 different specialties including accounting, recruitment, fund placement and gatekeeping. Top 10’s equally track the most popular items from the Palico news service, which summarizes articles from over 50 media outlets.

Trending Links to Profiles, Summaries and Data Rooms - Helping Drive Decisions

Trending items link directly to investment summaries and fund and firm profiles. Accredited investors may also request data room access to fundraisings and co-investments. All 28,260 Palico members can see global Top 10 Trending results. Trending filters are available to premium members.

Showing You What’s Generating Buzz is Just One Benefit of Palico

Whether it’s via desktop, smartphone or tablet, Palico’s marketplace helps limited partners, general partners and service providers find each other in the complex world of private equity. Palico’s basic, free membership for LPs, GPs and SPs offers access to Palico’s highly regarded news service, as well as its fund and membership screeners, its member messaging service and, now, its trending rankings. Performance data and benchmarking are available to premium members.