Palico in Focus – Palico’s New Services Allows Investors to Monitor Secondary Activity

“Manage My Portfolio” is a new feature on Palico that allows investors to monitor secondary activity involving funds they own. They can also use the service to anonymously let others know they’re an interested seller or buyer of particular funds.

Getting Started is Easy

Entering your holdings takes seconds. Information is auto-completed using Palico’s archive of over 20,000 fund and manager details. Choosing to enter funds as “private commitments” ensures you and your team are anonymous while enabling potential buyers to contact you.


Insight into Private Equity Market Trends That Affect You

Once you enter your commitments, you’ll be able to track demand and get notifications of market activity. Do your funds focused on Europe’s lower mid-market, or those investing in Chinese venture capital startups top demand at the moment? With Palico’s new feature you’ll know.

Commitments Link to the Entire Platform

For each entered commitment, you’ll see constantly updated numbers of buyers and sellers. Clicking on those links brings you to a “Secondaires” page where buyers and sellers are listed by type – family office, pension fund, etc – and by region, but not by name (unless the buyer or seller decides not to be anonymous). This is accompanied by a list of publicly known fund owners. “Contact” buttons for each buyer and seller allow you to anonymously pursue a transaction or seek further information about a stake. Information about funds, including performance, news, and sponsor details, are also accessible from the Secondaries page.

Testing Buyer and Seller Demand for Your Own Fund Stakes

Once you’ve entered your commitments, you can also add or remove yourself from “sell” and “buy” lists with one click. Adding yourself as an active seller triggers automatic, anonymous notifications to other members with a declared interest in buying your fund. When you list as a potential buyer for a fund, you’re notified each time an active seller enters the market, or if there is other news about that fund. Anonymity in Palico’s secondary market is preserved for all parties – and for all actions – until each participant independently decides to reveal their identity.

For any fund stake you enter without disclosing your identity, other members interested in buying that commitment can contact you. You just might receive an attractive offer worth considering.

Palico Helps Investors, Managers and Service Providers Make Connections

Whether it’s via desktop, smartphone or tablet, Palico’s marketplace – comprising primary, secondary and commercial opportunities – helps limited partners, general partners and service providers find each other in the complex world of private equity. Palico’s basic, free membership offers access to Palico’s highly regarded news service, as well as its fund and firm screeners and its member messaging service. “Manage My Portfolio” is just one of an expanding range of Palico features bringing private equity professionals closer to their goals.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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