Palico in Focus – PE Fundraising (and Investing) Without Leaving the Office

The Largest Private Equity Marketplace in the World

With more than 2,600 accredited limited partners from over 140 countries using Palico to search for investments, Palico is the most efficient channel in the world for broadening general partner marketing campaigns – before, during and after fundraising. Accredited limited partners on Palico choose between 14 investment strategies, 25 industry focuses, and 197 countries or regions when detailing their investment interests, allowing for rapid, relevant matching between private equity managers and investors. It’s PE for the 21st century.

Profiles, Listed Opportunities and Data Rooms to Reach LPs

Palico lists nearly 10,000 general partner teams – nearly a third are members – offering more than 3,000 active investment opportunities. With membership, GPs increase marketing edge and reach by adding to the information listed in their profile or current investment opportunity. After vetting by Palico’s compliance team, member GPs are also free to create data rooms controlled exclusively by them. Everything and anything from investment teasers to confidential documents like private placement memorandums and limited partner agreements can be uploaded to data rooms. Emails are sent to all accredited LP members with declared interests matching the opportunities. GPs choose whether or not to grant intrigued investors data room access – revocable at any time. LPs and GPs pursue correspondence online, taking the complex final steps involved in agreements offline.

Promotion – Before, During and After Fundraising

At any time, member GPs can post on Palico updates about fresh commitments, investments, upcoming closings and team additions. And whether fundraising or not, GPs can use Palico’s marketplace to distribute news, musings, blogs, studies and articles relevant to their team or strategy. After consulting member profiles they can also directly pitch LPs they believe would be interested in their team. With a rapidly expanding membership base, up 84 percent in the past year, active GPs reach a constantly growing LP base when they use Palico as a fundraising and investor relations tool.

Navigating Private Equity’s Growing Diversity

As investors allocate rising amounts to PE, their investment choices are expanding. In an increasingly complex private equity universe, Palico’s online marketplace helps investors commit to the right opportunities and helps managers connect with the right investors. By bringing the world of private equity to desktops and smart devices, Palico makes the process of discovery and engagement easier.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

  • 4,000+ LP, GP firms and placement agents from 100+ jurisdictions
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