Palico in Focus – 21st Century Private Equity Marketing for GPs and LPs

With over 35,000 members, Palico’s online private equity marketplace demonstrates the indispensable value of technology today for general partners and for limited partners. On Palico, GPs and LPs learn about each other and connect – not just during fundraisings, but all the time.

Building Profiles and Marketing to the Relevant In a Bigger PE World

In a competitive and global marketplace where GPs need to do all they can to stand out, and where LPs increasingly must cultivate their reputation and image to get access to the most in-demand investments, being part of the largest pool of private equity professionals in the world has its benefits. Both GP and LP members can build firm profiles on Palico that cover strategy, investment approach, history and team resources. Broadcasts and updates concerning everything from milestones to opinions, which are sent to current or likely partners – either declared followers of your firm or a broader group of those with similar interests – allow GPs and LPs to build brands and make connections that open up opportunities for fundraising and investment. To enhance its value as a marketplace for private equity funds, whether they’re in pre-marketing, final call mode, or being offered as a secondary, Palico is also an investor relations, communications and marketing venue that builds trust among its members.

Other Online Tools to Help GPs and LPs Hone Their Choices

Palico membership comes with access to performance data on over 3,000 funds and free use of a news feed and archive with links to over 50 media outlets. These tools, and performance benchmarking of funds against those of similar strategy, vintage and size, allow members to hone their analysis. Palico’s online marketplace provides an ideal mix of global coverage and targeted connections, saving time and money for both GPs and LPs.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

  • 4,000+ LP, GP firms and placement agents from 100+ jurisdictions
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