Palico in Focus – $55 billion of PE Funds for Sale

Today there are 404 investable fund opportunities – those with data rooms – on Palico’s online marketplace, a nearly threefold increase from last year. That’s equal to 13 percent of private equity funds seeking capital globally, up from just 5 percent last November.

Fundamentally Altering How Managers and Investors Connect

Over the last year, the total value of investable fund opportunities on Palico has grown from $19 billion to $55 billion. Some 2,600 accredited investors, or approximately 50 percent of the world’s active limited partners, now use Palico’s marketplace to find new private equity funds. Using cutting edge algorithms that match the granular investment priorities of investors with appropriate funds, Palico’s online marketplace is fundamentally altering how private equity managers raise money, and the way investors shop for opportunities.

Solidly Positioned in the Middle Market

The average investable fund on Palico targets $136 million, solidly positioning the platform in private equity’s core middle market, where the most lucrative investments are often found and where sheer variety makes it difficult for investors to keep track of fund opportunities.

Newly Opened Secondaries Match

In addition to rapidly expanding primary fundraising opportunities, Palico’s new Secondaries Match platform, though only launched September 20, 2016, already lists existing private equity fund stakes worth $65 million. Using the same type of sophisticated algorithms as Palico’s primary marketplace – and the masking of buyer and seller identities – Secondaries Match offers radically simplified, lightning quick matching for buyers and sellers. It can, like the entire Palico marketplace, be used with or without the aid of intermediaries.

Arrival in the Digital Age

In both the primary and secondary markets, Palico has significantly widened the panoply of tools used by investors and fund managers to connect quickly and efficiently. Palico’s success marks private equity’s arrival in the digital age.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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