Palico in Focus – Investors Seek Data on $54 Billion in PE Opportunities

On Palico, private equity managers and investors, responsible for offering 89 percent of the marketplace’s primary, secondary and co-investment opportunities on a capital-weighted basis ($54 billion out of a total of $61 billion) are in contact with investors via data room requests. By number, the managers of 366 primary, secondary and co-investment opportunities – 86 percent of 426 total listings – are building relationships with investors through data rooms. Mutual discovery leads to transactions; given the above figures this should continue to be the case for general partners and limited partners using Palico’s PE marketplace.

Palico’s Investable Fundraisings Go Well Beyond Buyout

The PE opportunities available on Palico are highly diverse and represent many new areas of focus beyond traditional buyout and venture capital (see strategy table). Growth strategies account for the largest number of fundraisings, or some 22 percent , with venture second at more than 17 percent. Meanwhile, buyout is third at slightly over 13 percent of investable fundraisings. At a time when strategies that produce regular yield, or liquidity, are increasingly popular with investors, real estate, credit products and infrastructure make up 22 percent of Palico’s investable PE fundraisings.

Emerging Market Fundraisings Account for Nearly Two-Fifths of Opportunities

The U.S. & Canada, followed by Europe – the regions where private equity is most developed – account for 34 percent and approximately 29 percent of investable fundraising offerings on Palico (see region table), respectively. But the emerging market-dominated geographies of the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America amount to over 37 percent of available opportunities – representing an unusually rich and diverse offering for these less crowded PE markets.

First-Time Funds and “Final Call” Vehicles Are a Significant Presence on Palico

First-time-funds, of growing interest to investors at a time when historical top-quartile performance is a less robust indicator of future performance than was previously the case, represent an impressive 30 percent of Palico’s investable offerings. Given their newness to the private equity scene, these funds can be particularly hard to find without the help of an online marketplace. “Final call” vehicles, funds that have held at least a first close and are aiming for one more round of capital commitment before ending fundraising, make up some 20 percent of investable offerings on Palico. Listing on Palico’s online marketplace is an efficient means for managers in the fundraising homestretch – particularly those looking to equal or surpass their fund target size – to find new limited partners of all types, in all regions of the world.

Navigating Private Equity in the 21st Century

In an increasingly complex private equity universe, Palico’s online marketplace helps investors commit to the right opportunities and helps managers connect with the right investors. Whether members are connecting over first-time funds, funds in final call mode, secondaries, or another type of PE investment vehicle, Palico makes the process of discovery and engagement easier. It’s private equity for the 21st century.

* Percentages represent the total number of each type of fund as a proportion of the total number of investable fundraisings.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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