Palico in Focus – PE Fundraising & Investing with Maximum Traction

With 1,805 active, accredited investors and 424 investable PE opportunities – all with detailed data rooms – there’s no larger or more efficient venue, online or offline, for finding private equity investment for limited partners or general partners than Palico.

Linking LPs and GPs is All About Pertinent Investment Interest

Using Palico’s marketplace from desktops and smart devices, LPs explore funds, co-investments and secondary offerings that precisely match what they’re looking for in terms of strategy, geography, industry, fund size and even team experience. The flip side: General partners listing investments in Palico’s marketplace are linked to the most pertinent investors, providing a high hit rate when it comes to data room requests and investment.

14 Strategies, 25 Industries and 175 Countries and Regions

Palico’s LPs and GPs build detailed profiles, choosing from 14 private equity investment strategies, including buyout, venture capital and credit, that correspond to investment focus and interest. Profiles can be further refined by choosing among a listing of 175 countries/regions and 25 industries. LPs additionally specify if first-time funds, co-investments and secondaries interest them.

Palico Lets GPs and LPs Focus on the Best Investments, Without Wasting Time

Every type of private equity fund, and every category of investor – from 140 countries around the world – can be found in Palico’s private equity marketplace. Only receiving information on investments that match your interests if you’re an LP – or if you’re a GP, having notifications of your milestones sent only to investors actively interested in your focus – means less time wasted chasing dead-ends and more opportunity to partner and generate returns.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

  • 4,000+ LP, GP firms and placement agents from 100+ jurisdictions
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