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Palico Global Private Equity Compass

Feb 16, 2017 1:51:16 PM

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Download Palico's Global Private Equity Compass, Summer 2016

Palico is proud to present its second Global Private Equity Compass as part of its ongoing commitment to enhance the Palico PE Fund Marketplace by offering valuable data.

The Compass is a survey of 179 general partners and 106 limited partners that contrasts and compares their PE investing experience, opinions and expectations.

Palico members get free access to the survey. Non-members can register for their free membership to get the report.

Palico Global PE Compass, Summer 2016

Survey Contents

• LP-GP fundraising expectations
• LP-GP views on acquisition pricing
• LP-GP views on Brexit
• Impact of more going to fewer GPs
• LP-GP views on fund restructuring
• LP-GP views on LP alliances/mergers
• LP-GP views on co-investment
• LPs increasing allocations

• LPs & one-stop shopping
• LPs on non-fund PE appeal
• LPs on the secondary market
• LPs on distributions & net cash
• GPs on ‘buy-and-build’
• GPs on debt, investments & exits
• SWFs & small funds
• VCs on valuations & regions

ABOUT PALICO - Palico is the first global online marketplace for the private equity fund community, covering primaries, secondaries, and co-investments. Since establishing itself as a fintech pioneer in 2012, over 30,000 professionals representing Limited Partners, General Partners, and Service Providers in 110 countries have joined Palico. LPs and GPs discover investment opportunities and engage each other in a secure environment where accredited investors can efficiently exchange restricted information before deciding whether to take the conversation further. All members have access to Palico’s growing assortment of PE tools for building their networks, refining investment hypotheses, analyzing opportunities, and finding new leads. These include the Fund Screener, the GP/People Screener, Fund Performance Data, a personalized PE news service, and the companion Palico News app. Palico is based in Paris and brings together a multinational team with backgrounds in private equity and developing web-based businesses. Investors can join Palico at