Palico in Focus – Finding the Right PE Investment (and Investor) Online: It’s All about Interests

If you’re a private equity investor, Palico, the world’s largest online PE fund marketplace, brings you investments focused specifically on your interests, for free. This eliminates time wasted hunting down the right opportunities. If you’re looking to raise capital, using Palico’s free data rooms to list fundraisings, co-investments or secondaries can get you direct access to hundreds – even thousands – of investors who have a declared interest in the strategy in question.

Investors with Interests in a Wide Range of Regions, Strategies & Industries

Some 2,800 accredited private equity investors from 84 countries have selected their investment interests in Palico’s marketplace, mixing and matching options among five regions, 14 strategies and 23 industries. They equally can specify interest (or lack thereof) in first-time funds and preferred ticket size.

Declared Interests Help Investors and Managers Close Transactions Efficiently

After taking a few minutes to check off their interests, more than 1,550 accredited investors are currently combing through primary and secondary global growth investment opportunities on Palico; 912 receive Palico alerts when European infrastructure fundraisings are listed; and 145 review more narrowly focused primary and secondary investments in Asia-Pacific healthcare. Among the latter group are 31 family offices, 28 funds-of-funds, 15 diversified asset managers, 14 gatekeepers, 12 corporate investors, 11 banks and insurers, 11 sovereign wealth funds, nine pension funds, eight ultra-high-net-worth-individuals, four foundations and two registered investment advisers (representing many more high-net-worth investors). Declared interests on Palico help investors and managers from all over the world discover each other quickly, and close private equity primary and secondary investment efficiently.

A Tip for Declaring Interests

If you’re an investor, to optimize your use of Palico’s marketplace, we would suggest you create several categories of interests, rather than just one all-encompassing list. For example, if you’re interested in both North American venture capital funds and Latin American growth funds, you could create two separate categories, labeled accordingly. Currently available investments among North American venture capital fundraisings and Latin American growth opportunities will then appear under easily perused, separate headings on your home page.

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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