Palico in Focus – Finding Partners at the Other End of the World

Over one out of four accredited private equity managers active in Palico’s marketplace are “remote,” or located outside of private equity’s traditional money centers in North America and Europe. When it comes to investors, more than one out of five looking to invest in primaries, secondaries and co-investments on Palico are remote. The ability to unite private equity fund investors located in 84 countries with managers based in 104 countries, is one of the Palico marketplace’s greatest strengths, at a time when private equity has moved well beyond its traditional roots.

LPs: Find Remote or Niche Investments Without Leaving the Office

In the past 25 years, private equity has grown to more than $4.5 trillion in assets under management from just $30 billion, while broadening from overwhelmingly U.S.-centric buyout and venture capital deals to an investment style embracing every asset category and all regions of the world. Investors are searching further afield for traditional private equity investments and looking for managers in niches – either geographic or sector-based – where there’s less competition. Primary, secondary and co-investment opportunities on Palico not only span the globe, they’re also available in 14 strategy categories and 25 industries. Moreover, they’re accessible from your desk with just a few clicks. For investors there’s no better tool for discovering far-flung investment opportunities and specialist managers.

GPs: Remote Investors Create Solid Capital Bases

Palico connects remote managers located in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East with investors in the U.S., Canada and Europe, where some 82 percent of PE fund capital originates. But it also permits managers located in private equity’s traditional markets to diversify their investor base, bringing in family offices, public & private pension funds, foundations, endowments and sovereign wealth funds from remote locations. Differing regional economic cycles, and the varying fortunes of different types of investors, mean diverse groupings of limited partners form solid and dependable capital bases for private equity managers. This fact was underlined during and after the financial crisis by the fundraising difficulties experienced by managers who courted investors of similar type from a narrow geographic base.

Navigating Private Equity’s Diversity

Palico’s online marketplace allows investors to invest in the right opportunities, while connecting managers with the right investors. By bringing private equity primary, secondary and co-investment opportunities online, Palico streamlines capital commitment for everyone.

“Palico gives us access to investors that we would otherwise have found only with great difficulty, if at all.”

– Johnny el Hachem, Chief Executive, La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild

Palico is the leading online marketplace for the private equity fund community, matching qualified investors with fund managers and secondary market participants worldwide.

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