$64 Billion in Investable Private Equity Opportunities

There are 403 investable fundraisings, secondaries and co-investments currently available in Palico’s online marketplace (accredited general partners and limited partners list investable opportunities for free). They cover a remarkable range of strategies, 122 countries and every continent except Antarctica.

Most of the accredited GPs offering investable fundraisings through Palico’s secure data rooms are specialists. Just a third of GPs offering buyout funds, a fourth of those raising growth funds and only one in 10 venture capitalists seeking commitments from the marketplace’s more than 2,800 accredited LPs describe themselves as generalists. While fundraisings on Palico cover 24 broad industry categories, the majority of GPs collecting capital on Palico have zeroed-in on carefully defined sectors.

Fundraising For Developed and Emerging Markets on Palico

Some have humorously called private equity the only domestic U.S. industry left in the world, given that close to 50 percent of capital raised and invested in a given year is centered in the States. Taken in aggregate, GPs raising capital on Palico are considerably less one dimensional. About three in 10 are collecting commitments for strategies focused on the U.S. and Canada, edging out those looking to invest in Europe. The mainly emerging market regions – the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America – are the investment focus of a surprisingly large 41 percent of all fundraisings on Palico.

A Quarter of All Fundraisings on Palico are First-Time Funds

First-time funds, those offered by GP teams that have never raised money together before (though team members are almost always veteran private equity managers), represent an impressive 27 percent of Palico’s fundraisings. First-timers are of growing interest to LPs at a time when historical top-quartile performance is a less robust indicator of future performance than was previously the case. Given their newness to the private equity scene, these funds can be particularly hard to discover, analyze and invest in, without the help of an active online marketplace like Palico.

Navigating Private Equity in the 21st Century

In an increasingly complex private equity universe, Palico’s online marketplace helps investors commit to the right opportunities and helps managers connect with the right investors. Whether it’s primaries, secondaries or co-investments, Palico makes the process of investment easier for both LPs and GPs. It’s private equity for the 21st century.

* Percentages represent the total number of each type of fund as a proportion of the total number of investable fundraisings.

"Palico’s expanded our contacts with promising GPs; it’s a great one-stop shop for private equity."

Kugjae Lee, Senior Portfolio Manager, Samsung Life Investment