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Q&A: Cogepa Invests on Palico

Oct 27, 2017 9:45:12 AM

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Arnaud Burel is an investment manager at Cogepa S.A., a family office that invests regularly in private equity funds. He explains here why Cogepa invests using Palico’s digital marketplace.


Arnaud Burel

Why does COGEPA use Palico’s digital marketplace for investing in private equity funds?

AB: It’s pretty basic. Private equity investment choices are ever expanding in terms of strategic and geographic focus. Because Palico groups all that diversity together in one place, it fills a void in the traditional market. It makes the job of finding the most promising fundraisings easier.

How does Palico differ from the services of placement agents and gatekeepers?

AB: Many advisors offer us a panoply of what I’d call ‘plain vanilla’ investment opportunities. What’s so great about Palico’s marketplace is that we frequently discover smaller and midsized specialist fundraisings that emanate from outside of the mainstream and from outside of the world’s major money centers. I see Palico as a highly valuable complement to traditional capital commitment.

In Palico’s marketplace, it’s investors who discover and then contact managers. Is that kind of reverse solicitation valuable for you?

AB: Definitely. It means, for example, that we can look at U.S. managers who are not yet passported into the new European regulatory regime for private equity. Worldwide, growing private equity diversity has been accompanied by increasing regulation, making it harder for fund managers to market directly to potential investors. Palico provides an elegant solution for finding investments in an environment where direct marketing is restricted with greater frequency.

It sounds like you see a digital marketplace like Palico’s as an indispensable tool for investors today.

AB: I do. But as Palico makes all investors’ jobs easier, it could make mine a bit tougher through sheer efficiency. Digital marketplaces like Palico’s might level the playing field to the point where it becomes impossible for good investment opportunities to be overlooked! That would really increase the competition to invest in the best funds.

Palico Opens Up Private Equity Fund Investment

Although it fits seamlessly with all channels of capital commitment, Palico is altering private equity with an online marketplace that makes fundraisings, secondaries and co-investments - covering all strategies and regions - accessible and affordable. Today, Palico unites over 3,000 limited partners with over 5,000 general partners. Join them to see how digital streamlines private equity commitment.

"Palico gives us access to investors that we would otherwise have found only with great difficulty, if at all."

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