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Q&A: Vopne Raises Capital on Palico

Nov 10, 2017 1:43:22 PM

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Jim Bloom is managing director and founder of Vopne Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity manager investing in lower middle market companies. He explains here why Vopne chose to fundraise using Palico’s digital marketplace.


Jim Bloom

What was the principle fundraising challenge you addressed by listing Vopne Fund II on Palico?

JB: We are significantly expanding our assets under management with Vopne II. Listing on Palico’s online marketplace is an effective means of finding family offices and institutional investors beyond the ‘friends and family’ network that invested in Vopne I.

How does your experience winning commitments on Palico differ from the rigors of traditional fundraising?

JB: Digital fundraising saves us time and effort on everything from initial contact with investors to closing on commitments because information about Vopne is automatically disseminated to a broad range of interested investors, all with a pre-declared interest in our strategy. Using Palico’s marketplace to connect directly with investors cuts out cold-calling and many of the dead-end meetings that are part of an exclusively traditional commitment process. Offline, Palico focuses face-to-face meetings on a highly relevant group of investors.

So listing on Palico offers Vopne an advantage over peers?

JB: Yes. It’s bringing us investors we would not have met otherwise. Big fund groups are taking a larger share of fundraising than they have historically and investors with limited means to discover fundraisings are more spread out than ever before. Using a digital marketplace has been an easy way to get our voice heard above the crowd. Incidentally, ‘Vopne’ is an Icelandic word meaning ‘a weapon used to gain advantage’ - so it’s very much in our DNA to use a digital marketplace like Palico’s.

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Gian Paolo Potsios, Timberland Investment Resources