In private capital return rankings, venture capital reigns supreme

Venture capital is having its day in the sun. Cast your minds back to March 2020: investors were rightly concerned that fund managers would call capital en masse to support portfolio companies and exit markets would be closed for business. That never came to pass. Instead, surplus flows back to LPs across the private capital spectrum totaled...

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Here's one way that PE will boost the post-pandemic recovery

Cutting costs, bolt-ons, multiple arbitrages, a little leverage. Just a few tried-and-true methods that private equity uses to create value in portfolio companies, to deliver the investment returns that LPs so crave. Well, now you can add exports to that list.

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Podcast Feature: Neetesh Kumar, Partner at Spruceview, talks about the sweet spot of low and mid-market buyout funds

Today’s post features a not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from Neetesh Kumar, Partner at Spruceview Capital Partners, a fund of funds investing in low and mid-market buyout fund opportunities focused in the US. He takes us through Spruceview’s specific investment methodology and shares some compelling real-life examples that illustrate...

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The rising tide is good news for buyout and VC fund managers

Things are looking great for private equity fundraising. Firms are now amassing more capital than prior to the pandemic. All told, $188bn was raised across 452 funds in Q1, surpassing the $163bn collected by 431 funds in the same quarter of 2020, Preqin data show.

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