PE Data Snapshot – The Most Popular Funds in the Secondary Market

THE MOST POPULAR FUNDS IN THE SECONDARY MARKET Secondaries Investors Focus on Mainstream Strategies Using Palico’s wish lists, since the end of March last year investors have selected 1,136 different funds that they would like to purchase through the secondary market. In total, over 18 months Palico members have registered 2,234 wishes. Arguably, the biggest… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Europe May Get a Restrictive Leveraged Lending Policy

Highlights: – Restrictive Leveraged Lending Guidelines for Europe – In Praise of Stock Market Activists – Making the PE Workplace More Family Friendly – Chinese VC is More Welcoming to Women – The Most Influential Firm in Silicon Valley – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results LEVERAGED LENDING GUIDELINES MAY RESTRICT EUROPEAN BUYOUTS. Real Deals reports… Read more

Palico in Focus – PE Fundraising (and Investing) Without Leaving the Office

The Largest Private Equity Marketplace in the World With more than 2,600 accredited limited partners from over 140 countries using Palico to search for investments, Palico is the most efficient channel in the world for broadening general partner marketing campaigns – before, during and after fundraising. Accredited limited partners on Palico choose between 14 investment… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Expecting PE Returns to Fall

Highlights: – Expecting PE Returns to Fall – “World’s Wealthy Saved by PE” – Search Funds Rise From the Shadows – Long-Dated PE Funds Face Significant Challenges – Secondaries Fundraising Boom Continues – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results PARTNERS GROUP ADDS TO THE CHORUS: PE RETURNS TO FALL. In its H2 2016 Private Markets Navigator… Read more

Palico in Focus – 35,000 Members and Counting

Investors, PE Managers, Service Providers from Over 140 Countries Some 33,469* private equity professionals from over 140 countries are members of Palico, making the platform the largest online private equity marketplace in the world. Some 7,670 investors (limited partners) are using the online marketplace to connect via smart devices on investments and commercial opportunities with… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Overcoming GP Merger Stigma

Highlights: – PE Firms Overcome “GP Merger Stigma” – The UK’s 89 Pension Schemes Merge into Eight British Wealth Funds – Benefits of Crossing the “15 Percent Frontier” of PE Allocation – Flat Overall Returns for Foundations Mean More PE Investment – China Drags Down Emerging Markets Investment – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results PE… Read more

PE Data Snapshot – The Era of LP Cooperation

Given that the private equity fundraising market has never been more crowded or diverse than it is today, with a record 2,959 funds seeking capital, it’s hardly surprising that many investors feel hard pressed when it comes to sourcing, vetting and investing in the best private equity opportunities. Indeed, the conviction among LPs that cooperation… Read more

PE KeyTrends – “The Great Uncorking of the Clogged IPO Pipeline”

Highlights: – Coming Soon: “The Great Uncorking” of the IPO Pipeline – PE Fundraising is Set for its Second Best Year Ever – Calpers’ Semi Annual Report is Out – Alaska Permanent Builds Co-Investment – Post-Brexit Vote, It’s “Life as Normal” for 3i – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results “THE GREAT UNCORKING” OF THE BACKED-UP… Read more

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