PE KeyTrends – Some 70% of LPs are Hiking PE Allocations in 2016

Highlights: – 70% of PE Investors Plan Higher PE Allocations – UK Dealmaking on Ice, at Least for The Short-Term – Q2 PE-Backed Purchase Value in the US Drops Modestly year-on-year – Large GPs to Deliver More Transparency – Summer Reading: Silicon Valley’s Dark Underside – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results SOME 70 PERCENT OF… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Brexit Volatility: ‘The Oxygen of PE Investing’

Highlights: – Brexit Volatility: “The Oxygen of PE Investing” – Bellwether Harbourvest “Asserts Allegiance” to London – The Views of GPs Supporting Brexit – Startups Highlight Profitability – Activist Elliott Moves Into PE – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results “VOLATILITY IS THE OXYGEN OF PE INVESTING,” says William Jackson, managing partner at UK-headquartered general partner… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Acquisition Multiples Weaken, at Least in Europe

Highlights: – Acquisition Multiples Weaken, at Least in Europe – Quarterly Fundraising Hits a New High – Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report is Out – Goldman Sachs to Buy Stakes in PE Managers – Henry Kravis Reflects on Change and PE’s Future – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results PRICES FOR MID-MARKET PE ACQUISITIONS DROP IN… Read more

PE Data Snapshot – Fundraising Market Share of SWFs and Family Offices Reaches New Heights

FOs and SWFs Rise in Importance Sovereign wealth funds and family offices, frequently distinguished by a pronounced taste for co-investment, direct investment and separate accounts, have seen their share of annual private equity commitments increase at a remarkable clip since 2011. When co-investment, separate accounts and direct investment are considered, the combined fundraising market share… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Power Shifts to Venture Capitalists

Highlights: – Power Shifts to Venture Capitalists from Entrepreneurs – Sovereign Wealth Funds Change PE’s Dynamics – Branding is Crucial to Fundraising – PE’s Succession Dilemma – CALPERS’ Widely Awaited Performance Report – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results POWER SHIFTS TO VCs FROM ENTREPRENEURS. In the wake of stock market volatility and worries about tech… Read more

Palico in Focus – Palico’s New Services Allows Investors to Monitor Secondary Activity

“Manage My Portfolio” is a new feature on Palico that allows investors to monitor secondary activity involving funds they own. They can also use the service to anonymously let others know they’re an interested seller or buyer of particular funds. Getting Started is Easy Entering your holdings takes seconds. Information is auto-completed using Palico’s archive… Read more

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