Palico’s Digital Marketplace is a Spinoff Mecca

Out of nearly 300 opportunities currently listed in Palico’s marketplace, more than 40 percent are first-time fundraisings. The vast majority of those funds are run by private equity veterans creating their own firms from scratch. Among these, many were founded by teams of highly experienced managers coming together for the first time from disparate fund… Read more

PE KeyTrends – PE Funds Get Ready for Economic Downturn

Highlights: – PE Funds are Getting Ready for Economic Downturn – As Market Fears Grow, Offbeat Fund Strategies Bloom – Long-Hold PE Funds Can Double Returns – Private Equity’s Path to Control is Getting Easier in Asia – Jillian Manus Discusses Sexual Harassment in VC – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results PE FUNDS ARE GETTING… Read more

Tariff Threat Increases the Appeal of Uncorrelated PE Investment

It’s difficult to tell how serious the threat of multiplying trade barriers will become for world commerce after an executive order mandating punitive U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports was signed by President Trump a week ago. The Trump administration is holding out the possibility of selective exemption, dependent, it would seem, on negotiations… Read more

Taking the Road Less Traveled Improves PE Returns

With fund-size records quickly achieved, only to be quickly broken in recent months, and as the average fund becomes ever-bigger (the typical PE vehicle has nearly doubled in size in the last six years to $1.3 billion), many private equity professionals expect their returns to shrink somewhat, increasing the appeal of the proverbial ‘road less… Read more

Secondary Prices for 25 Private Equity Funds

A Palico survey of limited partners who’ve successfully purchased stakes in private equity funds on the secondary market over the last six months shows exceptionally strong pricing, with the average sale happening at 99.8 percent of a fund’s most recently reported net asset value. Moreover, 12 out of the 25 funds for which Palico has… Read more

Palico KeyTrends Winter Survey

This report highlights answers to survey questions concerning private equity fundraising, performance and secondaries. The questions – an integral part of our monthly KeyTrends press summary and commentary – were sent to limited partner and general partner members of Palico between August 2017 and January 2018. Each of the survey questions generated an average of… Read more

10 Predictions For Private Equity In 2018

  I’m not the first to say it, but it bears repeating: This is the the golden age of private equity investment. To paraphrase Michael Milken, private equity affords very unusual rates of return thanks in large measure to PE’s flexibility. Indeed, private equity is more a style of investment than anything else. What defines… Read more

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