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CAPITAL CALLS PODCAST EP1 - What Can PE Learn From the Previous Crisis?

We at Palico strive to provide transparency to the PE secondaries market. Because of this vision, we would like to share our private equity industry expertise, especially with regards to successfully investing through crises, with our member base and followers.Claire Commons, our Head of Strategy, will be sharing her knowledge in an expert...

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LPs Should Be Thinking Very Carefully About Forthcoming Capital Calls

Is there a liquidity crunch heading LPs' way? 

For a number of years now GPs have wrestled with a conundrum. On the one hand, they have a wall of committed capital at their disposal; on the other hand, the unprecedented demand for deals combined with liquid debt markets has meant accepting nail-bitingly high earnings multiples. This is the gift...

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Making Sense of Secondary Pricing Amid Coronavirus Market Volatility

It can be difficult to make sense of the social, economic, and financial disruption unfolding in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19. What is certain is that stock markets have tanked by circa 25% over the past month, with some of the largest single-day drops in history. This has obvious implications for...

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The Secondary Market in the Time of Covid-19: Assessing Current Market Dynamics

These are unprecedented times. We’ve faced recessions before, but we’ve never experienced a coordinated lock-down such as this. Investors will, understandably, be shaken by current events, but we want to offer some words of reassurance. At times like this, it is important to keep a cool head and make smart decisions that lead to well-reasoned...

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