First-Time Fundraising the Right Way

Palico estimates that a record 770 first-time private equity funds – the inaugural iterations of their line – are currently seeking capital from investors. That’s a 50 percent increase over the 513 first-time funds seeking capital a year ago and 48 percent more than the previous all-time high of 520 in 2008.

Inbox Overflow Changes PE Fund Selection

Covering potential private equity investments is a time consuming, sometimes painful experience for limited partners. The sponsors of an all-time high of 3,040 private equity fundraisings – a global patchwork focusing on everything from buyouts to credit – are jostling today to stand out, targeting a record $1 trillion from investors.

Keytrends – Why High PE Purchase Prices Don’t Matter (All That Much)

Highlights: – Why High PE Purchase Prices Don’t Matter (All That Much) – Calpers will Review ‘Bigger, Fewer’ PE Investment Approach – It’s Getting Harder to Rely on Top Quartile Persistence – PE Doesn’t Like U.S. Tax Reform, But That May Change – Five Private Equity Predictions from Carlyle’s David Rubenstein – PE KeyTrends Quick… Read more

GPs Drag Their Feet, but Cows Hoof It to Digital

If cows are connected to the internet to increase productivity, you have to wonder why private equity general partners aren’t. The Connected Cow is Common, Yet the Connected GP Isn’t Digital technology can tell farmers if a cow walks too much, eats too little or sleeps correctly. It’s now common to see connected cows and… Read more

KeyTrends – PE Purchases Hit Highest Level Since 2007

Highlights: – PE Purchases Hit Highest Level Since 2007 – Cov-Lite at Record as U.S. Leverage Constraint is Eliminated – PE-Backed Firms do Better in Downturns – The Sweet Spot for PE’s Secondary Fund Market – If You’re Stumped by The Vision Fund’s Strategy, Read This – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results PRIVATE EQUITY PURCHASES… Read more

Secondary Prices for 25 Private Equity Funds

A Palico survey of limited partners who’ve successfully purchased stakes in private equity funds on the secondary market over the last six months indicates the current sweet spot for premium pricing (in relation to net asset value) is for vehicles that began investing in 2011. That vintage accounts for five of 13 funds priced at… Read more

The 10 Most Popular Fundraisings In Palico’s Digital Marketplace*

*over six months through October 4 Based on the number of investors who’ve reached out to managers, the most salient aspect of the current top ten investable fundraisings in Palico’s digital private equity marketplace is range. Strategy-wise, the fundraisings cover everything from buyouts to credit, in markets stretching from PE’s traditional U.S. homeland to the… Read more

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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