Private Secondary Market Blossoms for VC-Backed Startups

Highlights: – A Private Secondary Market Blossoms for Startups – PE Managers Increasingly Sell All or Parts of Their Firms – The 12 Most Sought-After PE Funds of the Secondary Market – LPs are Willing to Compromise on Returns – The Long-Term Future of Private Equity – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results A PRIVATE SECONDARY… Read more

Q&A: Star Mountain Raises Capital on Palico

Brett Hickey is chief executive and founder of Star Mountain Capital, a private equity manager focused exclusively on credit and equity investments in the U.S. lower middle market. He explains here why Star Mountain chose to fundraise using Palico’s digital marketplace.

Digital Tips the Scales of Change in Private Equity (Finally!)

While private equity investment has been accelerating innovation, and hence digitization, of industries for years, PE itself has been relatively untouched by the digitization drive. Yet digital innovation is taking hold within private equity and to ignore its possibilities today is to put future success at risk – whether you’re a limited partner or a… Read more

Secondary Prices for 25 Private Equity Funds

A Palico survey of limited partners who’ve successfully purchased stakes in private equity funds on the secondary market over the last six months shows particularly strong pricing. The typical transaction is valued at 99.7 percent of the most recently reported net asset value. Moreover, 12 of the 25 funds for which Palico has winning bid… Read more

Palico KeyTrends Report January – July 2017

This report highlights answers to survey questions concerning private equity fundraising, performance and secondaries. The questions – an integral part of our monthly KeyTrends press summary and commentary – were sent to limited partner and general partner members of Palico between January and July 2017. Each of the survey questions generated an average of 72… Read more

KEYTRENDS – A Fund Collapse Highlights the Low Risk of PE

Highlights: – Fund Collapse Underlines PE’s Low Risk – Fund Restructurings Have Lost Their Negative Image – Softbank’s Huge Vision Fund Unveils Investments – The LBO that Never Happened May Portend the Future – VCs Seeking Dressing Tips, Look No Further – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results A FUND COLLAPSE HIGHLIGHTS THE LOW RISK OF… Read more

Will PE Placement Agents Go the Way of the Rolodex?

When disruptive technology builds a solid foothold in an industry, change accelerates. Today, Palico’s digital marketplace for private equity fundraising, co-investments and secondaries unites over 3,000 limited partners from 1,900 firms with 5,000 GPs, offering investment vehicles in everything from venture capital to buyouts to litigation finance. Using Palico, LPs and GPs from across the… Read more

Palico and EMPEA Partner to Streamline Emerging Market Commitments

Last week, emerging markets association EMPEA and Palico signed a partnership to make the commitment process for PE funds more efficient and affordable for both investors and managers. EMPEA Agreement is a Growth Catalyst for Digital Fundraising Palico’s latest partnership will see all EMPEA members offered use of Palico’s marketplace on advantageous terms (if you’re… Read more

Digitization Blurs the LP-GP Divide

Gone are the days when investors passively entrusted money to fund managers and patiently waited for cash calls and distributions. The private equity industry has matured and today there is a new breed of investor: more demanding and sophisticated and willing to take an ever-increasing role in deal sourcing and operational management. This new LP… Read more

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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