New relationship will help make private equity investment more efficient for limited partners Press Release May 10, 2017 – Today Palico and the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) announced an agreement giving all members of the ILPA free use of Palico’s online private equity marketplace for fundraisings, co-investments and secondaries. The ILPA’s cooperation in promoting… Read more

PE KeyTrends – The 300 Biggest Fundraisers in the World

Highlights: – LBO Funds Close Fewer Deals; Dry Powder Hits Record – Does PE Face a Turbo-Charged Economy or Recession? – The Growing Appetite for First-Time Managers – Cirque de Soleil and TPG, or How to Invest in a Creative Business – The Momentum Behind GP M&A Builds – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results BUYOUT… Read more

$64 Billion in Investable Private Equity Opportunities

There are 403 investable fundraisings, secondaries and co-investments currently available in Palico’s online marketplace (accredited general partners and limited partners list investable opportunities for free). They cover a remarkable range of strategies, 122 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Most of the accredited GPs offering investable fundraisings through Palico’s secure data rooms are specialists. Just… Read more

HNWIs & Their Representatives – FOs, RIAs, Private Banks – Rapidly Increase Market Share, Palico Reflects This

High net worth individuals and their representatives, including family offices, registered investment advisers and private banks, account for 31.8 percent of the 2,826 accredited investors from over 80 countries looking for private equity fundraisings, secondaries and co-investments on Palico. That they account for almost a third of investors on Palico isn’t surprising. Data from the… Read more

The Ten Most Popular Venture Capital Fundraisings in Palico’s Marketplace

With one exception, all of Palico’s ten most popular venture capital fundraisings over the past three months are from ‘emerging managers,’ general partners seeking capital for either their first or second fund. Palico’s Most Popular Venture Capital Fundraisings * Private Equity Fundraisings targeting less than $250 million The only top ten investable fundraising not from… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Q1 Fundraising is Just Shy of the Record

Highlights: – Q1 Fundraising Just Shy of the Record – Big Firms are Killing It – The Hottest Fundraising Corner is Tech – A Retail Exchange for Private Equity – The Bad Rap of Restructurings Dissipates – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results FIRST QUARTER PE FUNDRAISING IS JUST SHY OF THE 2008 RECORD, as the… Read more

Palico in Focus – Finding Partners at the Other End of the World

Over one out of four accredited private equity managers active in Palico’s marketplace are “remote,” or located outside of private equity’s traditional money centers in North America and Europe. When it comes to investors, more than one out of five looking to invest in primaries, secondaries and co-investments on Palico are remote. The ability to… Read more

Palico in Focus – Funds-of-Funds Renaissance

Private equity funds-of-funds have gone through a major transformation since the financial crisis; one that is leading to renewed fundraising success. This is evident in Palico’s online private equity marketplace, where out of a field of 14 different private equity categories, fund-of-fund vehicles account for nearly 20 percent of the 50 most popular fundraisings. Consolidation… Read more

Palico Top 10 – The Ten Most Popular Small PE Fundraisings

Though large fundraisings have become increasing specialized in recent years, small fundraisings targeting $250 million or less have become even more nichey. This is borne out by a look at the most popular small fundraisings listed in Palico’s private equity marketplace. Palico’s Most Popular Small Fundraisings* * Private Equity Fundraisings targeting less than $250 million… Read more

Palico in Focus – Finding the Right PE Investment (and Investor) Online: It’s All about Interests

If you’re a private equity investor, Palico, the world’s largest online PE fund marketplace, brings you investments focused specifically on your interests, for free. This eliminates time wasted hunting down the right opportunities. If you’re looking to raise capital, using Palico’s free data rooms to list fundraisings, co-investments or secondaries can get you direct access… Read more

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