PE KeyTrends – 2016: Best Year Ever for Commitments

Highlights: – 2016 is the Best Year Ever for PE Commitments – More Evidence that Investors Are Boosting PE Exposure – PE is Under Pressure at Pension Funds – Trump Could Unwind Listed PE’s “Chronic Discount” – First Round Capital’s Holiday Music Video – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results 2016 IS THE BEST YEAR EVER… Read more

Palico in Focus – $13.9 Billion in First-Time Fundraisings

The nearly six-score first-time fundraisings in Palico’s online private equity marketplace are targeting $13.9 billion. They account for nearly a third of Palico’s 404 fundraising data rooms and one quarter of the $55 billion targeted by those campaigns. A Highly Diverse Group of Available Funds In a private equity world still dominated by buyout offerings,… Read more

PE Data Snapshot – Fundraisings Hit a New Record

According to Palico data, 2,914 private equity funds are currently seeking $980 billion. Fund numbers are up 7 percent from the previous record of 2,720 funds seeking capital in February, the last time Palico visited this topic. While that’s a significant increase in just ten months, the aggregate sum targeted has risen a modest 1.6… Read more

PE KeyTrends – Four Factors Likely to Triple PE Growth over 10 Years

Highlights: – Four Factors that May Triple Forecast PE Growth – ALPERS Explores Investing Directly in PE – Buyout Dry Powder Hits Record – Platform Deals are the New Buyout in Europe – Evidence that First-Time Funds Outperform – PE KeyTrends Quick Question Results FOUR FACTORS THAT MAY TRIPLE FORECAST PE GROWTH over 10 years… Read more

Palico in Focus – The Ten Most Popular Fundraisings

Perhaps the most salient aspect of the most popular fundraisings listed in Palico’s private equity marketplace is that there isn’t a plain vanilla buyout fund among them. In an increasingly crowded private equity market, characterized by historically high pricing, investors in primary fundraisings are favoring specialists, whether they’re brand name or not. Contrarian is “In”… Read more

$55 Billion of PE Funds Available for Investment on Palico

Palico’s Online Marketplace Revolutionizes Private Equity Fundraising Press Release The value of investable funds on Palico has grown nearly threefold in a year to $55 billion. The four-year-old startup has fundamentally altered how private equity managers raise money and the way investors shop for opportunities. November 17, 2016 – Using cutting edge algorithms that match… Read more

Palico in Focus – $55 billion of PE Funds for Sale

Today there are 404 investable fund opportunities – those with data rooms – on Palico’s online marketplace, a nearly threefold increase from last year. That’s equal to 13 percent of private equity funds seeking capital globally, up from just 5 percent last November. Fundamentally Altering How Managers and Investors Connect Over the last year, the… Read more

PE Data Snapshot – Clinton, Trump and the Impact on PE

Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who emerges as the winner of the United States presidential election, one thing looks clear to us: Public stock markets, fixed income instruments, currencies, and the general macroeconomic outlook for the world will remain subject to extreme uncertainty, and prey to considerable volatility, especially given the ramifications of… Read more

Palico in Focus – The Appeal of “Final Call” Funds

Some 17 percent – or 68 – of Palico’s 404 fundraising data rooms are devoted to opportunities that are in what we refer to as “final call” mode. Final call funds have held at least a first close and are aiming for one more round of capital commitment before ending fundraising. These vehicles generate exceptional… Read more

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