A First: Catering to the Small Secondaries Market

Palico’s digital marketplace is the first venue that makes it easy to buy and sell small secondaries, these are stakes of $10 million or less, sold by limited partners after fundraising has closed (typically once the fund is largely invested, making it possible to evaluate return prospects with greater certainty). Small secondaries tend to get… Read more

Palico’s Digital Marketplace is a Spinoff Mecca

Out of nearly 300 opportunities currently listed in Palico’s marketplace, more than 40 percent are first-time fundraisings. The vast majority of those funds are run by private equity veterans creating their own firms from scratch. Among these, many were founded by teams of highly experienced managers coming together for the first time from disparate fund… Read more

Tariff Threat Increases the Appeal of Uncorrelated PE Investment

It’s difficult to tell how serious the threat of multiplying trade barriers will become for world commerce after an executive order mandating punitive U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports was signed by President Trump a week ago. The Trump administration is holding out the possibility of selective exemption, dependent, it would seem, on negotiations… Read more

Making Private Equity Alternative Again

In the six years since Palico’s online marketplace for private equity funds was founded, average fund size in the industry has nearly doubled to $1.3 billion. This, along with record amounts of capital available for investment, is a sign of rude health. Yet larger and larger funds competing against each other are likely to have… Read more

Family Offices & HNWIs Love All Types of PE Funds on Palico

Out of the nearly 3,000 accredited limited partners seeking primary and secondary private equity fund investments in Palico’s digital marketplace, 19 percent are either from family offices or are high net worth individuals. Their numbers among Palico’s limited partner members are second only to fund-of-funds professionals – roughly 1 out of 4 Palico LP members…. Read more

Funds-of-Funds & Finding Needles in Haystacks

These days, when funds-of-funds search for ideal fund investments, it can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, many funds-of-funds have gotten very good at finding the best funds – in part because of digital marketplaces like Palico.

Digital Tips the Scales of Change in Private Equity (Finally!)

While private equity investment has been accelerating innovation, and hence digitization, of industries for years, PE itself has been relatively untouched by the digitization drive. Yet digital innovation is taking hold within private equity and to ignore its possibilities today is to put future success at risk – whether you’re a limited partner or a… Read more

Will PE Placement Agents Go the Way of the Rolodex?

When disruptive technology builds a solid foothold in an industry, change accelerates. Today, Palico’s digital marketplace for private equity fundraising, co-investments and secondaries unites over 3,000 limited partners from 1,900 firms with 5,000 GPs, offering investment vehicles in everything from venture capital to buyouts to litigation finance. Using Palico, LPs and GPs from across the… Read more

Palico and EMPEA Partner to Streamline Emerging Market Commitments

Last week, emerging markets association EMPEA and Palico signed a partnership to make the commitment process for PE funds more efficient and affordable for both investors and managers. EMPEA Agreement is a Growth Catalyst for Digital Fundraising Palico’s latest partnership will see all EMPEA members offered use of Palico’s marketplace on advantageous terms (if you’re… Read more

Palico’s digital marketplace streamlines secondary and fundraising trading, in an ever-expanding range of PE strategies.

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