A Cornucopia of Emerging Markets PE Funds

An International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook report observes that emerging markets account for over 75 percent of today’s global growth, “nearly double the share of just two decades ago.” If you’re looking to participate in that growth the best way to do it is through private equity. Only a small portion of emerging markets… Read more

Smaller Funds Offer Better Returns & Downside Protection

With private equity fund sizes steadily increasing, anecdotal evidence from both investors and fund managers suggests that the lower mid-market and small cap sectors are less crowded than they once were – ironic at a time of record fundraising. Meanwhile, the marketplace for companies with annual revenues in excess of $50 million is more competitive… Read more

Taking the Road Less Traveled Improves PE Returns

With fund-size records quickly achieved, only to be quickly broken in recent months, and as the average fund becomes ever-bigger (the typical PE vehicle has nearly doubled in size in the last six years to $1.3 billion), many private equity professionals expect their returns to shrink somewhat, increasing the appeal of the proverbial ‘road less… Read more

First-Time Fundraising the Right Way

Palico estimates that a record 770 first-time private equity funds – the inaugural iterations of their line – are currently seeking capital from investors. That’s a 50 percent increase over the 513 first-time funds seeking capital a year ago and 48 percent more than the previous all-time high of 520 in 2008.

Inbox Overflow Changes PE Fund Selection

Covering potential private equity investments is a time consuming, sometimes painful experience for limited partners. The sponsors of an all-time high of 3,040 private equity fundraisings – a global patchwork focusing on everything from buyouts to credit – are jostling today to stand out, targeting a record $1 trillion from investors.

GPs Drag Their Feet, but Cows Hoof It to Digital

If cows are connected to the internet to increase productivity, you have to wonder why private equity general partners aren’t. The Connected Cow is Common, Yet the Connected GP Isn’t Digital technology can tell farmers if a cow walks too much, eats too little or sleeps correctly. It’s now common to see connected cows and… Read more

HNWIs & Their Representatives – FOs, RIAs, Private Banks – Rapidly Increase Market Share, Palico Reflects This

High net worth individuals and their representatives, including family offices, registered investment advisers and private banks, account for 31.8 percent of the 2,826 accredited investors from over 80 countries looking for private equity fundraisings, secondaries and co-investments on Palico. That they account for almost a third of investors on Palico isn’t surprising. Data from the… Read more

Palico Global Private Equity Compass

Download Palico’s Global Private Equity Compass, Summer 2016 Palico is proud to present its second Global Private Equity Compass as part of its ongoing commitment to enhance the Palico PE Fund Marketplace by offering valuable data. The Compass is a survey of 179 general partners and 106 limited partners that contrasts and compares their PE… Read more

Palico Global Private Equity Compass, Fall 2015

Download Palico’s Global Private Equity Compass, Fall 2015 Palico’s Global Private Equity Compass is a survey of 159 general partners and 92 limited partners that contrasts and compares their PE investing experience, opinions and expectations. Palico members get free access to the survey. Non-members can register for their free membership to get the report. Palico… Read more

Suffering from PE Regulatory Vertigo? For relief, try Palico.

Private equity general partners and limited partners have been hit by waves of complex and often contradictory regulatory reform in recent years.  Last month’s lifting of the 80-year-old ban forbidding mass solicitation in the United States for private equity funds, and the implementation in July of the European Union’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive –… Read more

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