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Today's PE market challenges could boost secondaries for record year

Historically, the M&A markets have been a great indicator of upcoming trends in the Private Equity sector. In this article, we take a look at the parallel between the state of the M&A markets and the Private Equity sector in face of the current global COVID-19 pandemic. We also explain how the situation of exits happening in the M&A industry...

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Tipping the ESG Balance Through Secondaries

We teamed up with Unquote for a live briefing in July, discussing whether LPs are using this unprecedented time to scrutinise their portfolios and perhaps look to sell positions that do not align with their values and ESG criteria. Our Head of Strategy, Claire Woolston Commons, spoke with Paul Newstone, Partner and Head of Investment Solutions...

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Understanding Motivations and Momentum Behind Smaller Secondary Deals

The first half of 2020 has been one of extremes for the secondary market. Fundraising has blown past previous records, the estimated $50bn raised for secondaries in the first six months is beating any full-year since the market’s inception with investors anticipating a jackpot opportunity. On the other hand, overall transaction value declined...

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European Mid-Market Private Equity Post-Covid (webinar recap)


In a recent webinar hosted by Palico in association with Real Deals and IPEM, a panel of industry experts sat down to discuss mid-market private equity’s response to lockdown disruption and lay out the challenges and opportunities the pandemic presents for Europe's mid-market managers. • 6 min. Read •

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