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WEBINAR RECAP — Secondaries during Covid-19: What buyers look for in these uncertain times

What are secondary buyers looking for in these uncertain times? What are attractive investments today? What advice would buyers give LPs wanting to sell in this environment? These were topics addressed by our Head of Strategy, Claire Commons in a webinar we hosted in partnership with SuperReturn. Claire was joined by some of the most preeminent...

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WEBINAR RECAP: Secondaries + COVID-19: How to Position your Portfolio for Sale over the next 3-6 Months

How is COVID-19 affecting the secondary market? What best practices should LPs consider when selling their fund stakes in this uncertain environment? We cover those topics and more in this recap of our conversation with prominent players in the space. Our Head of Strategy here at Palico, Claire Commons, got insights from David Chu at LACERA,...

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PE Secondaries: What to expect in the second half of 2020

Over the last three months, we have been fielding questions from buyers and sellers and comparing notes with clients, as everyone attempts to gauge the temperature of the secondary market. Since this crisis hit, there has been a degree of paralysis on the part of vendors as they have attempted to understand the valuation environment.

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Private equity post-pandemic: 7 trends to watch for

The opening months of 2020 have been nothing if not uncertain. We're in a period of rapid and immense upheaval with businesses and industries pivoting quickly as they respond to emerging news and data. This applies to the private equity industry too.

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