Jennifer Choi, MD at ILPA, discusses trends & changing needs for LPs

Most of you will probably be familiar with the Institutional Limited Partners Association - or more commonly referred to, ILPA, the global, non-profit, member-driven organization whose mission is to advance the interests of over 550 member institutional investors from more than 50 countries representing over 2 trillion dollars into Private...

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The GP-led global rush bodes well for the digital LP-stake market

It is no secret that in 2020 the private equity secondary market was dominated by GP-led fund restructurings. Estimates suggest  that these transactions approximately doubled their share of secondary trades last year, from around one-third to potentially as much as half to two-thirds of the overall market. Only a few years ago, these deals...

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2020 Year End Secondary Pricing Report

Palico’s latest survey of limited partners who purchased stakes in closed funds over the last six months generated pricing for 35 funds. This selection of funds showed an average valuation of 101 percent of net asset value (NAV). Measured in terms of median, typical pricing has held steady since last year at 101 percent of NAV. However, this...

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10 Decisions Endowments and Foundations should be making right now

As a category endowments and foundations (E&Fs) include some of the most sophisticated and prominent institutional investors. They have long been known for successfully generating outsized returns from top-quality investment programs. Now, in 2020, E&F investment portfolios are being relied on even more to support underlying operations that...

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